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Eckersall, LLC is a privately-held company headquartered in Chino, CA. We specialize in GIS software development, spatial data development, consulting, mobile-application customization, field data collection (GPS) and GIS enterprise system integration and operability.  


Our focus is primarily in the public works, facility maintenance, and community development sectors.  Eckersall is well known as a premier GIS Consulting Services Company and its staff has a long-standing and well-respected history in the GIS industry. Our teams’ profound understanding of geospatial technologies and a broad range of software platforms assure our clients a solution that best meets their GIS needs. Through our experience and years of working with multiple agencies and organizations nationwide, we’ve developed a web-browser based suite of GIS tools called XY MAPS that supports a number of vertical markets and provides a simple user interface that everyone within the organization can use effectively. XY MAPS is currently operational in a dozen Southern California cities and in most cases; it serves as the organization’s primary GIS system. 


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